Bigger Screens or smaller seats

Ok, flying down to Melbourne again. Today, I’m flying the 7:30 QFA411 A330-300. This was the plane Nik and I wanted to fly to in Business to Singapore last year, but got jibed (both ways) with the older fit out. Today, I’m flying the newer fitted put plane. First thing I noticed when I got in my seat (31K – kinda bummed got pushed back a little further than I’d hoped – at least the flight was on time unlike the 7:00 flight for Melbourne which was still waiting to board at 7:20) 

Anyways, back to the plane, surprisingly larger screen in cattle class, but are the seat smaller? 

The entertainment system has had a refresh with much more responsive touch screen, which means no more having to mash the screen to get a response. Ear jacks are up in front of you so when you get up, you won’t be risking another headphone jack being bent out of place. USB charger is a great, so when I drain my phone at the end of the day playing Pokemon Go, I can charge it on the flight back. 

Well the plane’s about to take off. So I’ll leave it at that.